B2B & B2C Business Consulting

This consultancy aims to Increase the Sales, Profitability, and Penetration of your Products/Services and the Satisfaction of your Clients. It also helps determine/establish your Market Segment, Product/Service Catalogue, Price List, Promotions, Sales Channels and Communication Strategy.

The process consists of the the following 5 elements:

  1. Market Analysis (Customers, Competition and Trends)
  2. Identification of Insights in the Consumer Process (B2B/B2C)
  3. Fromulation of Value Proposal and Competitive Advantages
  4. Goal Setting (Income, Profitability and Penetration)
  5. Establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Organizational Structure

Aligning the Organizational Structure towards the Strategic Objectives of the company, ensuring that the activities carried out are in compliance and that they add value to the company.

It consists of:

  • Mapping and Documentation of Processes
  • Identification of Bottlenecks
  • Macroprocess Optimization
  • Creation of Organizational Chart, Functions and Job Profiles
  • Detection of Training Needs
  • Creation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Creation of Committees for Continuous Improvement
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Family Governance: Advisory and Administration Councils

Advisory Councils are Multidisciplinary Consultative Bodies with which the General Management relies on for making strategic decisions. They are vital to Small and Medium sized Enterprises to ensure their professionalization as they focus on accountability. The Board of Directors watches over the interests of the shareholders and establishes the shareholding and succession protocols. Both become essential, especially in family businesses, when there are shareholders who do not actively participate within the company or when generational changes occur in the business family. Establishing a Family Governance will minimize conflicts among its members and guide them towards their professionalization and growth.

This service include 7 stages:

  1. Definition of the Plan and Strategic Objectives
  2. Appointment of the General Management and Team
  3. Identification of the 3 Roles (Shareholders, Family Members, Employees)
  4. Integration of the Board of Directors
  5. Integration of Advisory Council
  6. Definition of Evaluation and Decision Making Protocols
  7. Organization of Council Meetings

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    What generation is the company in?

    ESG Consultancy and Verification

    Consulting service for developing and implementing ESG politics and strategies. Complement helps organizations to establish a solid and effective framework to approach aspects related to: the environment, society, and governance in its operations and decision making.

    Our methodology:

    1. Evaluation and analysis: We start evaluating the organization’s current situation regarding its ESG practices and performance.
    2. Objectives and goals definition: We collaborate with the organization to establish clear objectives and goals with respect to sustainability and corporate responsibility.
    3. Politics and procedures development: We help the organization to develop solid politics and procedures that address ESG criteria.
    4. Business strategy integration: We work along with the organization to integrate the ESG criteria with its long-term business strategy.
    5. Implementation and follow up: We support the organization with the ESG politics and strategies implementation, ensuring that the proper follow up and progress measurement procedures are well established.

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