Canvas Model

A tool based on Design Thinking that allows you to identify the Value Proposal of your project or business idea, seeking to understand and satisfy the needs of the Market Segment to which it is directed. Subsequently, the 9 key elements that will ensure the success of your Business Model are identified. It is directed mainly to the profiling of projects.

Suitable for Entrepreneurs and Companies with less than 30 employees

Download: Canvas Model Workshop


If you are starting with a project or business idea and have questions about any topic within our expertise, you can receive mentoring from our consultants.

90 minute sessions that can be scheduled.

Workshops and Courses

We provide in-house training through the following workshops and courses:

– Sales Engeneering.
– Marketing for Non-Marketers.
– Finance for Non-Finance.
– ISO 90001: 2015 Internal Audit Course
– Value Proposal Generation.
– Integration and Teamwork.

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