Ing. Israel Moyeda

Industrial and Systems Engineer Degree from the ‘Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey’, with a speciality in Marketing Management from the University of Phoenix. Additional certifications also include a ‘Diploma in Finance’ from the UANL Faculty of Economics (2011) as
well as a ‘Diploma in Family Business Management’ from UDEM (2018).

17 years of international experience as a business consultant. From 2001 to 2009 he worked for firms such as Quality Consulting, Mindcode and London Consulting Group in the areas of Marketing, Optimization, Strategic Planning and Commercialization.
 Served important clients as Kimberly Clark (Colombia), 
Productos Arichuna (Venezuela), 
Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez (CDMX), British American Tabacco (Monterrey), Tostadas Charras
(Estados Unidos).

In 2010 he returned to Mexico to found Complement Asesores Pyme, seeking to support this important sector.
He is a Master of the International Business and Business Administration division at FACPYA-UANL since 2011.

• Professor of International Business and Business Administration at UANL (2011-2016)

• Consultant certified by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Labor, and by CONOCER

• Certicate in Family Business Management from The University of Monterrey (UDEM)

• Received the ‘Man of Value’ award in 2015 from CANACOPE Monterrey

• Received the ‘Patient Focused Innovation’ award in 2017 from the Health Summit in the Mexican Senate

• Hosts the Radio Show ‘Entrepreneurs With Focus’ on NRM Communications (Beat 90.1 FM / Genesis 98.1 FM)

• Guest Speaker and Panelist at Business Congresses and Entreprenuership Festivals across Mexico

Director General, Ing. Israel Moyeda.